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Delivering huge growth for your digital magazine editions

Flickread provides audiences what they want - a mobile friendly screen responsive digital magazine. Automatcially generated from your print PDF by our AI. With almost no impact on your workflows, Flickread is a game changer for magazine publishers and is leading the way in digital magazine technology.

Flickread Digital Magazine Publishing Platform
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We Make Digital Publishing Easy

Turn any PDF into an online digital edition for desktops, laptops and mobiles. Interactive pages with live links, video, archive word search, and more features than any other online platform. Flickread was the first PDF to HTML provider and we've led the way with more tools and features than any other platform.

PDF to HTML5 Online Digital Editions

Flickread was the world's first PDF to HTML5 solution back when everyone else was still using Flash - we lead the way with innovative solutions to drive your audiences and revenues.

FreeFlow® Smartphone Friendly Scrolling

Our FreeFlow AI is unique to Flickread and analyses your PDF pages to create free flowing text and images for easy reading on smaller screens as well as instant language translations.

Let Amazon Polly Do the Talking

Flickread’s seamless integration with Amazon Polly empowers publishers to create accessible, multilingual, and engaging digital content at the click of a button by adding lifelike spoken narration to your existing PDF content.

Flickread PDF to HTML 5

With Flickread, you can easily convert your PDFs into interactive HTML5 content for laptops, tablets, and mobiles. Optimised for all devices and search engines, your digital content can be enjoyed by readers worldwide. With over 30 years of experience in magazine publishing, we’ve pioneered audience software and app technology since the invention of the iPad. Our engineers spent years developing the latest in cutting-edge technology to magically transform your PDFs into true HTML5, ensuring compatibility across devices and including searchable text for SEO and social media.

FreeFlow® your content

Release the content locked in your magazine PDF and repurpose for online audiences. FreeFlow™ from Flickread automatically converts your PDF pages into free flowing text and images – perfect for mobile audeinces.

Embed Your Publication

Drive traffic and SEO to your own site instead of ours. Embed your digital content on your own web page with an iFrame HTML snippet which will always display your latest cover and link to your current issue. When you load new content, the image and link change on your website automatically. Streamline your workflow with Flickread.

Make Flickread Your Own

Flickread is the platform with Storefronts, your own branded page for all your editions and links. Set up an Online Publishing Flickread account today and create your own customised Storefront, where your readers will access and enjoy all your editions. There are no 'suggested links' to rival magazines and no Google Ads, just your publications for the world to enjoy on your own branded page.

Sell Advertising Space

When uploading your editions, you can also add banner advertising that appears when your digital editions are viewed. Your banner ads are clickable to open your advertisers web pages. Banner views and user clicks are recorded for you in Flickread analytics.

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The Best Mobile Reading Experience in the Industry

Turn any PDF into an online digital edition for desktops, laptops and mobiles. Interactive pages, archive search, and more features than any other online platform. Flickread was the very first PDF to HTML provider in the world, and we've led the way ever since.

World's-First Technology

Flickread is the solution all publishers have been waiting for. After years of R&D, Flickread launched the world's first ever PDF to HTML tool. We lead the way in digital technologies.

Bring Your Content To Life

Enhance your content by embedding multimedia elements such as videos, slide shows, and live links. Create an interactive experience for readers.

Manage Subscribers Seamlessly

Flickread is ready for you! Your Flickread account can integrate with your existing subscriber data and even handle new sign ups, payments and renewals.

Responsive Designs

Flickread generates mobile-friendly, screen-responsive digital magazines from your print PDFs, allowing audiences to enjoy seamless reading experiences across devices.

Super-Fast, Pixel Perfect Pages

Our state-of-the-art technology converts your PDF into sharp and web optimised HTML5 editions for desktops, tablets and mobiles.

Measurable Growth

Gain insights into user behavior and engagement. Flickread provides analytics to help you understand how readers interact with your content.

Archive Search

Easily search and retrieve past editions from your magazine archives. Efficiently manage your historical content.

Social Media Integration

Share content across all major platforms with our social media integration. Enable readers to share your publications effortlessly, amplifying their reach.

SEO Optimised

Cutting-edge PDF-to-HTML5 conversion ensures searchable text, perfect for SEO and social media.

Controlled Access

Manage access to your digital content by setting permissions for different user groups. Control who can view and interact with your publications.


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Native magazine app on Apple and Google Play App Stores

Grow your brand and push content to thousands of mobile users

Enhanced Content

Reducing costs and workflows, our platform enables quick and simple enhancement of your existing PDF

Reader Engagement

Capture and harvest GDPR compliant user data to create valuable email lists

Archive Search

Your entire archive indexed for easy search, providing an essential tool to revitalise your back issues

Boost revenue

A new environment to sell advertising plus increased revenue from subscriptions and back issue sales and leverage bigger audience figures for advertisers

Detailed Analytics

Our analytics provide metrics on edition downloads and page views, duration spent on each page, links clicked and more

Controlled Access

Publishers can control who can view their digital editions, ensuring targeted distribution

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We don't just understand technology - we understand the magazine business. In every step of your partnership with us our knowledge and experience will make the difference

“We truly could not be more impressed with the team at Flickread. We depend on this platform for everything from susbcriber e-commerce to digtial fulfilment.”

Eamonn Duff
FMCG CEO Magazine
“Our reach multiplied over 20 times in the time we've worked with Flickread and Apazine. FreeFlow is already making a huge difference.”

Rebekah Killigrew
Editor Architecture Magazine

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