Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

The price for our full package, including mobile app, subscription management system, online page turner and FreeFlow® is just £245 per month – no set up costs

If you’re in the UK VAT will be charged at normal rates. Otherwise there’s no sales tax.

Contact us today and we will get your account open within 24 hours.

The data is hosted securely on our servers, which is backed and encrypted up every day for extra security.

Our servers are certified as secure and we routinely update our systems with added security measures.

When you upload a PDF to our system, it takes around 4-6 minutes for our AI to analyse and process every page. You would then check and approve the FreeFlow pages before they are live. The AI is very good at reading your pages and turning them into free flowing text, but sometimes page furniture and pull quotes might need removing. The system has a WYSIWYG editor that is very easy to use.

You can lock down your editions so only signed in users can access. And you can also limit the number of IP addresses that can sign in to a single account.

The FreeFlow AI took years to develop and is a very powerful – it’s more than capable of converting most pages to free flowing text and images. Since digital and paper designs differ there may be elements you want to tweak – removing page furniture for example – so FreeFlow comes with a very easy-to-use WYSIWYG page editor.

Yes, FreeFlow comes with a very easy-to-use WYSIWYG page editor. You can edit, modify and enhance the pages very easily.

Our system comes with a full analytics suite. You can track edition views, page views and much more. These reports can be viewed and downloaded from your account.

You can collect data in accordance with GDPR rules and where users don’t opt out you can use and share this information.

FreeFlow provides the perfect enhancement to your digital editions and works with our Flickread online page turner and our Apazine app platform.

Your Flickread editions can be viewed (and searched) in your own branded storefront. And we will also promote your store on the Flickread home page – unless you opt out.

You can upload back editions to your account and publish within our technology. Our system enables text search across your whole archive which is a great feature for subscribers.

We’re told by native speakers in a number of languages that the auto translations are near perfect.

Yes, all languages in common usage

Yes, and we’re working to enhance the regional accents.

No, there’s a fixed monthly cost irrespective of your frequency – as your users will use the technology every day.

We’re not aware of any other company who has successfully developed an automated conversion from PDF to free flowing text. Some of our rivals offer a manual copy-paste service which takes time and has a cost per page. Flickread was the worlds first PDF to HTML5 digital publishing platform and continues to lead the way.

Yes, get in touch with us today and we will be happy to set up a demo.

You can do it yourself – it’s very easy, or some printers will undertake this work for you. Get in touch and we will be able to advise.

There are no restrictions, other than our fair usage policy. You can only upload your own publishing content.

You can export your data for whatever purpose you are entitled to use it for.

Yes, our systems require a single file, single page PDF (not spreads) with no crop marks. And your PDF should be run thorugh pre-flight in Adobe Acrobat Pro or Indesign with the ‘Optimise for Digital – Quality’ setting.

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