Delivering huge growth for your digital editions

FreeFlow provides your audiences what they want - a mobile friendly and screen responsive version of your magazine. All automatcially generated from your print PDF by AI with no impact on workflows. It's a game changer for publishers.

Who we are

The leaders in digital publishing solutions for more than a decade

Our suite of technology includes some of the world's most advanced solutions available. Boost audience engagement, increase and manage revenue streams whilst saving time and money. More than 30 years in the magazine publishing sector and pioneering audience software and app technology since the invention of the ipad.

PDF to HTML5 Online Digital Editions

Our Flickread platform was the world's first PDF to HTML5 solution when everyone else was still using Flash - we lead the way with innovative solutions to drive your audiences and revenues.

Native Apple and Android Mobile Apps for magazines

Publishers have trusted our Apazine app technology for over a decade. Team up with a partner who understands your business and is focussed on leading the way with digital magazines.

Subscriber data management and payment gateway

Our Magstand audience, subscription management tools and e-commerce technology provides an end-to-end solution from reader sign up to mailing and digital content fulfilment.

How we're different

The complete solution for magazine publishers and each platform leads the pack

We don't just do apps. We don't just do online page turners. We don't just do subscription management. We don't just do e-commerce for magazines. We don't just do mailing data fixup solutions. We don't just do automated PDF to mobile edition conversions. We do it all - and we've worked in the magazine industry for decades. Imagine how we can benefit your titles.

Native magazine app on Apple and Google Play App Stores

Grow your brand and push content to thousands of users

Enhanced Content

Reducing costs and workflows, our platform enables quick and simple enhancement of your existing PDF

Reader Engagement

Push content, send push notifications and in-app messages. Collect app user contact details with GDPR compliance

Archive Search

Your entire archive indexed for easy search, providing an essential tool to revitalise your back issues

Boost revenue

A new environment to sell advertising plus increased revenue from subscriptions and back issue sales and leverage bigger audience figures for advertisers

Detailed Analytics

Our analytics provide metrics on edition downloads and page views, duration spent on each page, links clicked and more


Alongside your library of magazine PDFs, feed responsive HTML as app pages. Anything that works as a web page can become app content

Flickread Digital Editions

Turn any PDF into an online digital edition for desktops, laptops and mobiles. Interactive pages, archive search, and more features than any other online platform. Flickread was the first PDF to HTML provider and we've led the way with more tools and features than any other platform.

Best User Experience

We're proud of the feedback we receive from publishers and readers about our clean and intuitive user interfaces and features. Now with FreeFlow® for the best mobile reading experience in the industry.

Free or Paid Magazines

Collect data from your free journals, or boost sales of your paid for magazines. The Flickread system can integrate with your existing data or is already in sync with your Magstand e-commerce storefront.

Archive Search

Unleash your archive and provide your audiences with search tools to look up keywords on any page you've ever published. Lookup people, brands, products, or anything mentioned.

Free Flowing Text

It took years of R&D to develop the solution publishers have been waiting for since the launch of the smart phone. Instantly turn your PDF pages into responsive free flowing text and images.

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Magstand Subscription Management

The e-commerce platform for magazine audience management. Magstand will handle all your new subscriber sign ups, renewals, mailing data, digital subscriber access, payments, receipts, mailing data fix ups, secure user access, data backups and a whole lot more. GDPR compliant enterprise level e-commerce for publishers at a sensible cost – it’s time to ditch those reader data excel spreadsheets.

Our promise

Your online success is our passion and goal

Innovative and reliable technology with a focus on low cost and reduced publisher workload mixed with user experiences and customer service that's second to none. Get in touch today.

How we deliver results

We've been listening to publishers for more than a decade and we love to invent solutions that drive reader engagement and revenues. Here's just a few of our features:

Archive Search

Enabling readers to search every word of every magazine you've published in an instant - truly harnessing the benefits of digital over print


Enhance your digital editions quickly and easily adding live web and email links, live contents page jumps, video, slide shows, audio and more

PDF to FreeFlow

Automatic conversion of your print ready PDF to free flowing text and images for easy reading on phones. Instant translation and read aloud.

Flick Buzz

Every editon has a unique short flk.bz (like a bit.ly) web address for easy sharing on social media - we really do think of everything

Auto Translation

Our FreeFlow technology not only converts your magazine PDF pages into free flowing text and images for mobiles, but can instantly translate your text into any language

Revenue Generation

The huge boost to audience figures drives up revenues, but so will the advertising sales opportunities in your app and digital editions

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What clients are saying

We don't just understand technology - we understand the magazine business. In every step of your partnership with us our knowledge and experience will make the difference

“We truly could not be more impressed with the team at Magstand. We depend on these platforms for everything from susbcriber e-commerce to digtial fulfilment.”

Eamonn Duff
FMCG CEO Magazine
“Our reach multiplied over 20 times in the time we've worked with Flickread, Apazine and Magstand. FreeFlow is already making a huge difference.”

Rebekah Killigrew
Editor Architecture Magazine

iOS Engineers